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Life and work are changing as we know it. Our experiences look a little different, but regardless of what the future holds, we know it will start with you, the individual.

This is why we are proud to introduce You+. In its simplest form, You+ is about people, because people are truly an organization’s greatest asset. We have an opportunity to empower each person to be their best self. We know that this is the future of work.

Let's be honest.

While we may have some ideas about the future of work, we are still very early in this process. We don’t have all the answers and it’s refreshing to admit that. When in doubt, we always come back to people. We will start with creating places that foster confidence, belonging, wellness, safety, connection, and trust.

Cultural Hub

  • The welcome zone

  • Vibrant use of color, which is a good first impression of the company culture and fosters creativity

  • Offering a wide variety of options for lounge and touch down areas

  • Areas to accommodate multiple activities, groups, and personalities

  • Healthy food options offered in the Café

  • Biophilic touches to divide space as well as reduce stress, improve cognitive function and enhance your mood and creativity

  • Acoustical value found in sound dampening textiles and decorative rugs through-out

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